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Every men and women passes through stages of childhood to adulthood to parenthood to old age. During this passage of life he or she requires knowledge about natural changes in the body, scientific reasons behind these changes, how to adopt with the changes, normal variant and abnormal points during these happenings.
If we talk about female – childhood is almost same as male but as adolescent age begins there is vast changes in her body – external as well as internal. She physically and mentally transforms in to woman after this age. Traditionally since ages these changes are explained and implanted in her mind by mother or any elder women in the family. And naturally this understanding is lacking scientific facts and also biased by social, religious, economic, educational background of the family. These young age implantation of beliefs and thoughts carries lifelong implications in her emotional, social, educational, physical and family aspects. One or more misbelieves and misunderstandings are prevalent in any socio-economic class, in each and every regions of the world. Some of these believe or ignorance has real bad effect on her own physical health as well as social health in terms of marriage and fertility.
When this female get matured and involve in opposite sex attraction she again has lack of availability of any proper scientific platform to address various issues like: knowledge and behavior of her own body, knowledge and behavior of male body, response to interaction between two – physical as well as psychological, sex, safe sex, contraception, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases etc. And again lack of these scientific facts creates many healths, social and national issues.
Likewise when she finally enters in important social system – marriage – we are not having any good platform to guide, these future backbones of any society or nation as a whole. Marriage life has its own issues regarding understanding and adjustment between two minds as well as bodies. It also involves various psycho-social issues. It also needs understanding about sex knowledge, sex problems, sex variants, marinating sexual interest in one partner.
PLANET WOMEN is a group of commited people with proper scientific knowledge to help each and every female - either a young girl - to be married - to be mother - near menopause -with gynec problem - or needing mental support. We provide platform for proper understanding and help to solve your problems in scientific manner.