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Unique Case Of Surrogacy

Our article in Ahmedabad Mirror regarding unique case of surrogacy .... Issue here is govt is thinking of ban on commercial surrogacy.... What would be choice for lacs of couple with severe uterine problem like this where surrogacy is only answer.... Surrogate mother also get handsome money in return so they can fulfill their family need... In this particular case Hindu mother acted surrogate for a muslim lady ... A unique example of religious harmony


Age is no worry for miracle mom-at-60

Watch out TV 9 coverage of IVF miracle baby born at age of 60 to a lady of Mumbai at Planet Women Ahmedabad :

Watch "60-years-old woman delivers 'miracle' baby boy - Tv9 Gujarati" on YouTube 
Mumbai couple that turned parents at 60 via IVF juggle ecstasy and ethical dilemmas 35 days into nurturing their first-born. their constant companion in their hope for progeny, they say, was spirituality, which is why they are thinking of naming the boy 'rudra' 
Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Jun 14, 2015, 09.05 PM IST

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